“Must Love People”

I enjoy the people I met every day. Truly enjoy the connection, if even for a short time. That’s probably one of the greatest parts of what I do as a real estate investor, having the opportunity to get to know homeowners and their stories, their lives. I think it’s important to enjoy meeting people and learning about what they are going through, if you are going to be a real estate investor. ┬áThis is especially true because if someone is selling a property, it’s typically due to some type of life change.

Sellers call me and are entrusting me with their information and their problems, which can be complicated and even emotional. They are looking for a solution. That’s a big responsibility, so I take it seriously. It also means I get to make a friend, regardless of whether I buy their property or not. It’s a duty to treat someone looking to sell their house properly and to help find the best solution for them (not you or me).