My name is Jennifer, and I flip houses

I’m sitting here in my living room on my white leather love seat, looking out at our view of the Pacific Ocean and the Los Angeles Basin, realizing this is a moment of true gratitude. 13 years ago, I decided I wanted to “flip houses”, before there were any HGTV shows, before it was the cool thing to do. In fact, many of my co-workers said “you can’t do that”, “it’s too risky”, ¬†and “what are you even talking about?” But I decided to do it anyway.

It was a rough start. I mean ROUGH. I left a high-paying consulting job to try my hand at flipping houses. That was 2006. Remember the housing bubble bursting? That’s right when I started. But, somehow, I got here, to this moment, where I can enjoy the first Monday of summer, with my kids and their friends in the pool, typing my first blog post, my golden retriever puppy by my side, enjoying this beautiful warm Southern California day….and working, if that’s what you want to call it. I don’t, I call it a blessing filled with opportunities.

This is a blog about my journey, the mistakes I’ve made, the successes, and all the little bits and pieces that may enable you to do the same thing. Achieve freedom from work, enjoy independence, grow my passion, continue to get better (at anything) and appreciate it all as much as possible.

So, hi, I’m Jennifer and I flip houses.

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